• Symen A. Brouwers

Solace Found in the Old and Familiar

Solace is often found in memories and values instilled by old and familiar tasks. I’m in Eswatini these two weeks on mission for UNICEF and struck by the dedication to everyday tasks that I see all around me: By the teachers who strive towards excellence and personal contact with every learner, but equally, very early in the morning, by the many children who walk such long distances to school and the stallholders along the roadside selling cooked food and fruits.

In an economically challenged country such as Eswatini, the bright and optimistic outlook on people’s faces speaks to me. By sitting in schools listening to people I enact old dreams I had during a very formative period of my life – of sitting in villages and making sense of the things I see. It is about real people, taking charge of their lives. In this work I find solace and gratitude for the people who gave me direction and motivated me.


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